Pizza Express India

Simple. Fresh.
And beautiful.

Made by hand. Just for you. Fresh from our Pizzaiolos with the
finest ingredients and cooked to order.

We're proud.

There, we've said it. We're proud of our pizza. Great pizza isn't complicated. But it's not easy, either. You have to get everything right. Every day. Every time. No half measures. No corners cut.

Start off with the dough. It's our big secret. But it's the only one. Everything else is plain to see. That's why we have open kitchens. They're front and centre for a reason. Look at the Romana pizzas. Stretched further and thinner for a crispier base. This lets the toppings be the hero. Just how the Italians make pizza. And this requires skill. So then add the talent. Our Pizzaiolos. They're trained intensively for 12 weeks before you see them. Those stripes they wear? They have to earn them. And when you watch them, you'll see why. Flaring that dough, working that oven. It takes commitment. It takes skill. And it's all for you. Because everything is freshly made. By hand. To order. Each time. And they wouldn't want it any other way.

We're obsessive.

We admit it. When it comes to our ingredients, we get a little single-minded. Pizza is a simple food. Only great ingredients will do. So we only use the best suppliers and the finest products.

As you'd expect, they need to be fresh. They have to be seasonal. Our obsessive attention to detail really pays off when we find what we're looking for. Great quality foods. Suppliers who feel the same way. We think it's worth it. And we never stop looking.

Then there's our passata. It's essential, of course. Almost every pizza uses tomato sauce. Ours comes from Mr Greci. He farms tomatoes near Parma in Italy. In every tin, he places two basil leaves. Not one. Not three. Just two.

And when you're working with the best, you don't mess them around. Great ingredients deserve respect. And that's just what our Pizzaiolos give them. So while the oven warms up (and we're baking our chocolate fudge cakes) they prepare everything they'll need. It takes hours. Because when we say everything, we mean it. Even the garlic. Because chopping it fresh every day makes our garlic bread taste even better.

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