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Pizza in style.

Our team. Our Pizzaiolos. Our heroes. You'll be welcomed with style and flair. From the moment you walk through the door, to watching your pizza being freshly made, to leaving the restaurant full and content. You're in safe hands.
Pizza Experts
Experience at Pizza Express India

Unique experiences. With personality.

What makes an experience truly special? Is it the place? The people? Is there some secret recipe? What do you think? For us, it's a magical combination marked 'all of the above'. But particularly the people. And that makes us happy. Very happy, actually. Because we've got the best. They're beautiful, yes. Stylish, of course.

But always in their own, unique way. No service by the numbers for us, thank you. We want our people to shine. So although they wear our stripes with pride, uniform they are not. They do things their way. Best of all, they're completely focused on you. Feeling complicated and want to tweak things around? Not a problem. Not quite sure what to choose? Ask away. Our people will tell you their favourites. And make your experience that little bit more special.

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Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to unleash your personality? Do you have a passion for food? Can you deliver a great performance? If so why not join our team.

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